Industry "Craft Carnival" Beer Fest
Saturday, April 29, 2017
1:00pm - 21+ Buy Tickets
140 Andrew Dr
Pittsburgh, Pa, USA 15275
Other Info
Tres Lads performing at the "Craft Carnival" beer fest at Industry Public House-North Fayette(Robinson Town Center) 5PM
>This isn’t your average beer festival. We’ll leave the beer judging to you, while we judge breweries on their ability to sumo wrestle and compete in various games. Pop over to the Sumo Tent and watch a spectacular battle between multiple breweries and see who comes out on top. Then head over to the stage area for some live music. Play Giant Jenga against other beer enthusiasts or listen to one of our Craft Talks given by one of the participating brewers. Afterwards, play some carnival games and win prizes. Different talks will be given on each day from leaders in the Industry<

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